A Merry Little Interlude

Tis the season – no, actually The Day itself – so we thought we’d take a quick break from the back log of blogging all the amazing places we’ve been in the last few months and slip in a big, fat waterfallsandcaribous MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

IMG_6516 A quick bolt between IKEA and the flash supermarket in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, tonight found us bang smack in the middle of the cool Lego Christmas display outside Times Square.  We’ve been admiring it for weeks but what better time for an imprompu photo shoot than Christmas Eve!IMG_6517IMG_6531IMG_6536Dan even had a bit of time to freak out the locals – what’s new, eh?!
IMG_6540 The crowds are pretty nuts in Hong Kong, so naturally, we’re absolutely loving the change of pace from the sleepy village.  City life suits us.IMG_6546 IMG_6552In the midst of moving into our gorgeous new apartment, a Christmas tree was top priority.  Taking a photo of the wee fella tonight, we were impressed that our the super white walls of our modern pad gave the tree a pretty magazine style setting.  Sweet!  Please note the Christmas pudding ornaments (an H-J splurge that cost exactly TEN times the amount of the tree) and the Christmas Caribou!  Woohoo.  We so theme.
IMG_6558A new apartment, you say? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s very much a work in progress.  See the lovely Louis Vuitton box…hmmm, sadly only used for packing some lovely glassware out of someone else’s multi million dollar HK apartment but yeah, potentially the closest we’ll ever get.  
IMG_6561 A quick glimpse of the carnage that is our living room at the moment.  The couch has become a calm spot due to the blinging fact that it has lazy boy chairs at each end…pimp!IMG_6562 In true ‘us’ style, the first thing that was totally finished and decked out was the kitchen, notably, the coffee gears and the fridge magnets.  IMG_6563

Um…well, actually that’s the only thing that’s complete so far!  We are getting there though – guest number one arrives in less than a week (YAY!) and we’re amped for more thanks to the very un-Hong Kong like aspect of our apartment, space and a decent second bedroom!

So wherever you are in the world, we hope you’re happy, healthy and full of great food.  Or at least intending to be.  We used the lovely City Super voucher gifted to us by our boss at the staff Christmas party to stock up on a fridge full of gorgeous cheese (was five different types excessive?!), olives, rocket, New Zealand salmon, New Zealand lamb, middle bacon, ginger beer…basically all the things we felt deprived on in rural Korea that are now scarily available to us again.  Bliss!

From us guys to you all…





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  1. Merry Christmas, guys! Keep on blogging in 2013!

  2. Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year! Nice to hear that you to are back in the neighbourhood again, as it were. 🙂 (Hong Kong is much closer than India)

  3. Merriest of Christmases to you both!

  4. Hey hey you guys safely made it to HK! I hope your transition from South Korea to Hong Kong has gone smoothly. Looks like you guys fit in well with the chaos of this bustling city. I love it there! Have fun!

    • We’re certainly having fun so far…and already mentally extending our time here, there’s just SO much to do, see and, most importantly, eat! Hope the holiday season is treating you well.

      • Yes today was the first day we got snow. Its been a pretty green christmas so far in Toronto! I know! There is so much to eat. Do you like ramen noodles? Try a place called Butao in central. Mad crazy joint with lineups as early as 10:30am!!! but its because their pork ramen noodle bowls are the best on this planet and get this, they only serve 200 bowls a day! Good luck if you get to try this lol!

      • Funny you should mention Butao…we accidentally stumbled across the Causeway Bay outlet in our first week in Hong Kong. We were intrigued by the line outside (usually a sign of something good in HK with its saturation of restaurants!) so headed to the back to join the crowd…only to find out that that WASN’T the end of the line and that it continued at the other end of the block!! Of course, this made us even more interested so we patiently waited and were rewarded with some of the best ramen we’ve ever eaten. We’ve been back since to try further ramen there and it didn’t disappoint. Determined to try out all their styles before the year is up. Its seriously fantastic ramen and the hype just adds to the experience!

  5. ho ho MERRY CHRISTMAS once again 🙂
    Awesome fridge magnets! And no, you can never have enough cheese, the more the merrier!

  6. five cheeses excessive, not by comparison to ours we have six from Scotland alone, all the best for Christmas

  7. Merry Xmas to you. Yours is quite different though. 😉

  8. Merry Christmas again! ^_^ I love your fridge and I’m so excited about you guys exploring a beautiful new place this year! Keep rockin’ out!

  9. Five different types of cheese is *never* excessive! It’s just practical. =) And that Lego village display is amazing.

  10. Love this place. I spent the last year there. The Lego display doesn’t surprise me. Your pics are awesome! Glad you enjoyed the change of pace. (p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please stop back by! I’ll be back to yours 🙂

  11. A very merry belated and happy, happy Christmas to you both. I’m super sorry we missed out on a catch up in HK but I promise I do return every year to visit family etc so I’ll definitely be swinging by and hopefully you folks will still be enjoying Hongkers. City Super is the best and the plethora of Christmas goodies sounds like the best way to celebrate and enjoy the new year. I hope you guys got to catch the fireworks over HK island and Tsim Sha Tsui and just think, Chinese new year is just around the corner and it only gets bigger & better!

  12. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year + congrats on the new apartment! You guys are taking Asia by STORM!!!!! I seriously loved the picture of Dan scaring the locals. So classic.

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