Kiwis Wandering…

Many stories still remain to be shared of our last few weeks in Hong Kong, as well as our en route-to-NZ side trips…however, we’re currently enjoying a bit of a summer (!) holiday down here in paradise, road tripping our way around friends and family, most of who we haven’t seen in at least 4 years.

Don’t think we’ve finished with our blogging even when we’ve posted those few tales though. Our very own New Zealand is too awesome and too beautiful not to do our very best to entice our friends from around the world to join us here and experience what makes us Kiwis eventually fly home.

Actually, Kiwis can’t fly but you get the drift.

While we holiday you can enjoy our NZ teaser shots and start saving for a ticket.

Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year to everyone!

20141229_14100220141215_141201 20141230_185859 20141215_152809 20141220_211932 20141218_145119 20141226_085007 20141229_141623 20141228_142118 20141228_123411 20141226_153327 20141226_153228 20141222_103121 20141220_211423 20141220_211353 20141220_210426 20141215_10451920141229_161613

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  1. New Zealand is so beautiful; we need to visit again!

  2. Wow! !!! It does look extremely beautiful! Glad to see you have both and olive arrived safely and happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your little family – can’t wait to see more of your home (and where you’ll finally settle). Good luck & stay in touch!

  4. So much nature, it’s hurting my eyes! I can’t remember the last time I saw stuff like that. I need to get outta Shanghai and down to New Zealand. That fishing shot with the snow-capped mountains is off the hook.

  5. Love it! Hope you make it down to Chch to see some street art and eat some awesome food 😉

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