Even more Street Art from the Riverbanks!

Having been blown away by the street art we had discovered in Kuala Lumpur, a bit of investigation led us to the information that the river bank art was produced over the course of a couple of  International Street Art comps. The competition, The KUL Sign Festival, started in 2010 and then happened again in 2012. A collection of street artists from Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Australia  and many more from other parts of the globe participated to make the Sungai Klang look colourful.

We were pretty happy to find the works in our short period of time in KL!

…… and there is more to come. We’ll be dropping our final blog on KL street art soon!

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  1. so cool, thanks for sharing, bet it was amazing in person

  2. Street art is really incredible!

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