More art from the streets of Korea

Another weekend escape from the village saw us again meandering through the streets of Busan.  Its amazing what you find when you’re not looking…

All these photos were taken in the areas around PNU, Jangjeon, Kyungsang University and Haeundae.  Busan represent!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Those are pretty neat.

  2. Excellent gallery of street art. It interests me how some of it is very similar to what I see in my neighbourhood in the inner west/ city fringe of Sydney & in other street art blogs, and some is different to anything anywhere else I’ve seen for real or via WordPress. Thnx for sharing.

  3. AWESOME street art! I never thought South Korea would have such a thing. I loved the Yoda and little kid with the guitar. That’s my favorites.

  4. Those are so great! I’ve never seen anything like that in our town. Some of it looks a little bit like Banksy stuff.

  5. wonderful pictures—my favorite is the lips and lungs!

  6. Wow! Love the bands’ wall! Thanks!

  7. There’s some talented street art. Great shots!

  8. I love those monkeys!

    BOOM! New desktop wallpaper!

  9. Whow needs galleries eh?! Love the spray can in particular!

  10. Some of the street art reminds me of the style of Banksy, ESP the monkey silhouettes! My fave would have to be the spray can column! 🙂

  11. Amazing shots !! Thanks for sharing !!

  12. Hi Guys, thanks for dropping by, I’ve just trolled through all you blog. Love all things Korean…well almost. I have friend who lives in Gangneung and spent some time in a Hagwon in Donghae. he told me similar things. Great stuff.


  13. So cool, I love the spray can one best I think. I’ve been living in Sydney with my friend Deb, check out her work She’s making it as a street artist, doing a tour of the US this month.

  14. So cool! Thanks for sharing! I feel the spark of creativity after seeing these shots! Thanks! 🙂

  15. Awesome score! Loving the monkeys!!

  16. Awesome photos! The streets of South Korea seem to be real artistic

    • There’s definitely a bit around once you start noticing it but only in certain areas. Street art isn’t really something you expect to find in a country like South Korea (its very conservative and places high importance on perfection as a society) but that’s what makes it even cooler when you DO find it 🙂

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