Waiting for the Train Tracks

Inevitably in India, the best laid travel plans (or in our case, often the last minute ones) go awry.  Trains and buses are notorious for epically slow journeys, with more often that not, large pauses in the trip for various reasons.  India – where everything is possible but not always available…and what was ‘not available’ in this case?  Well, the train tracks, which for some unfathomable reason had been removed part-way through our trip.

Around 4 hours into the old “we just need to wait another 20 minutes so don’t go too far from the train” we realised we were probably in for the long haul.  So we waited at a random stop for the tracks to be relaid in order that we might continue our journey meanwhile capturing life as it went on around us.






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  1. but it really adventurous sometime

  2. I’ve had a fair share of travel delays, but nothing like the spontaneous disappearance of train tracks. On the plus side, your photos capture the emotion of the delay really well!

  3. Once again, some absolutely stunning photography!

  4. Such a pleasure looking at the pictures. Thank you so much for posting them!

  5. Fantastic photos, fantastic adaptability! Well done.

  6. incredible capture of India….the way life really is…lol, where exactly are you and how long will you be there?

    • The railway definitely provides a solid lesson in ‘real’ Indian life. We’re so glad that this type of travel was part of our adventure in India though I can’t say we’re missing the long, often uncomfortable trips yet, haha. Currently in Hong Kong, having time and space to write all our Indian travels and will be here for at least the rest of the year – so if you’re popping through, let us know!

  7. Great pics!! My friend just got back from India and he said it was an amazing experience, but utterly exhausting because of all the chaos! Hope you’re having a great time 🙂 (This is “Adventurer Kate,” btw – just changing blogs around. haha!)

  8. Great pics!! My friend just got back from India and he said it was an amazing experience, but utterly exhausting because of all the chaos! Hope you’re having a great time (This is “Adventurer Kate,” btw – just changing blogs around. haha!)

  9. What absolutely incredible photos – such beauty in little moments in time,

  10. Love the photos~ The first one of the woman peeping out of the train is especially beautiful~

    It’s kinda relaxing to see everyone… well, -relaxing- and chillaxing around the train. Totally different from here in Japan (and perhaps Korea, too).

    • I think it comes with the territory in India – stuff like this often happens so people are content to just go with the flow. You could fight it, but at the end of the day you can’t change it, right?! So may as well just sit back and see what happens…and yes, polar opposite to the East Asian tendencies for sure.

  11. that’s some awesome as photos there guys!!

  12. These photos are my favourite out of all your India ones so far; there are some really, really great shots. Train is probably one of my favourite ways to travel! It can be uncomfortable and downright stinky at times, but I also love experiencing the ‘local method’ of getting from A to B.. and watching the landscape change as you go through it, instead of just plopping on a plane and arriving at your destination after a trashy movie or two!

    • We have a love-hate relationship with the trains in India, dependant on how many in row/how many delays/how many people to contend with, haha. But you’re right, its certainly the way to travel to experience local culture and I think nowhere more is this true than in India.

  13. Seeing these pic of the trains and tracks again reminds me that I saw a thing on Japanese TV about a train station in India that was actually a kilometer in length! Pretty huge!!

  14. I looooooove me some people watching! Nice work once again you guys!

  15. Train tracks built en route to your journey, lol, now I’ve truly heard it all! That’s like something which happens in a Warner Bros cartoon 😉

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