One Last Everything

A few weeks back the waterfallsandcaribous team bothered to look at a calendar and made the startling realisation that we had just 12 weeks left in Hong Kong…12 short weeks in which to fulfill all our last “must-do” and “must-do-again” missions and eats in this fine city.


Then we pissed around some, nope, a lot and find ourselves with just over FIVE WEEKS to get everything done. Where does time go?!

Emergency stations manned, it’s time to get serious.  We’ve got a lot to do. To keep us accountable, we’re taking you all along for the ride with us. First things first, we’ve picked the brain of our favourite HK food blogger/new real life FBFF to give us the low-down on the places we haven’t tried yet that we must. We’ve made a fairly good stab at trying everything here but impending exodus seems like the perfect opportunity to try a bunch of new places for our One Last Dim Sum, our One Last Hot Pot, our One Last Dan Dan Noodles…you get the drift.

Then, there’s the list of re-visits – in Hong Kong it’s actually quite tricky to get a dud meal so it was quite tricky to narrow this category down. We’ve shortlisted our all time favourites and enlisted the help of friends, visitors and bloggers to join us, allowing us to farewell both friend and food. Indeed, should you find yourself in our vicinity and wish to get in on the action, please don’t hesitate to make contact!IMG_8102

We can’t spend the whole time eating though, right?! (Or can we?) There are a few places in Hong Kong left for us to discover as well as a few last thoughts we’d like to share with the world. No, we are not revisting the Big Buddha though we’re sure in a month or two we’ll be dying to see him again. Keep your eyes peeled for our Alternative HK Tours, a couple of collaborations with other writers, our weekly mission series and, our final thoughts as we leave the amazing city that has been our home for the past couple of years. Oh and somewhere we need to squeeze in a bit of travel to places nearby…

And with this post (and an atrocious use of the conjunction ‘and’ at the start of a sentence, ug) we are now accountable and must away to get on with things so you don’t hunt us down and wave an un-checked check-list in our faces.

2014-10-30 15.47.47

Oh and if you’ve missed us lately, feel closer to us again by checking out this interview we were recently asked to do.


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  1. Don’t leave me this way – how come we only meet IRL one month before you go? TOO FUCKING SAD

  2. Enjoy packing all the last minutes adventures in!

  3. Love the whirlpool curl on Olives wee head, (grandmotherly besotted sigh). Looking forward to the wrap ups.

  4. Hi:-) just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award because I really like your blog! Check out, in my latest post you can read the details. Keep up the good work – from one blogger to another. Best, Charlotte

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