With Patience and Saliva…

Further to our blog the other day on The Umbrella Revolution we want to share this rather poignant perspective on what’s happening here in Hong Kong currently. Yes, it’s less “pictorial” but the content offers an extremely relevant and interesting perspective on the Revolution. Note, this is the first time we have EVER re-blogged something, which says a lot…

jon on song

An old Chinese saying:

“With Patience and Saliva, the Ant Swallows the Elephant”

The irony and relevance of this proverb’s origin has not been lost on me over the last week as I have observed first-hand the “Umbrella Revolution” taking place throughout Hong Kong’s most critical public spaces.

With a movement of this size and temperament, in a city of close to 8 million and geographically with one of the most densely packed populations in the entire world, it is hard to find the words to describe the sheer scale and complexity of what has been going on here. Truthfully I am not really even going to try to pass any significant editorial comment – this is not an observation of the concrete politics of the movement against its detractors, assessment of the various rights and wrongs; as a foreign national living here I have felt that my opinions would…

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