Macau’s Other Attraction

Macau seems to be the kinda place that polarises opinion of expats/tourists here – people either love it or hate it.  We get personally get really, really sad (and a little bit offended on Macau’s behalf) when people fall into the latter of those two categories but can fully understand that factors like bad weather, agoraphobia, ochlophobia, an aversion to tackiness or conversely an aversion to historical stuff could put you off.  However, we encourage you – short of a breakdown inducing anxiety related disorder – if you are one of the Haters give Macau another go.  There is something for everyone and we are happy to give you a personalised tour itinerary W&C styles.  You know it’ll be a game changer and the change of scene from Hong Kong is way more pronounced that one initially expect.

One thing that is similar, however, and just as spectacular, is the street art scene.  Macau has loads of twisting little alley ways and scruffy looking public squares lurking in its back streets, perfectly lending their barren spaces to all manner of graffiti.

Add a stroll through the art laden streets to your next tour of Macau – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

2013-10-11 15.27.17 2013-10-11 15.27.42 2013-10-11 15.28.43 2013-10-11 15.29.04 2013-10-11 15.29.13 2013-10-11 15.29.23 2013-10-11 15.29.37 2013-10-11 15.30.05 2013-10-11 15.30.26 2013-10-11 15.30.44 2013-10-11 15.30.59 2013-10-11 15.31.17 2013-10-11 15.31.37 2013-10-11 15.31.57 2013-10-11 15.32.13 2013-10-11 15.32.29 2013-10-11 15.32.49 2013-10-11 15.33.02 2013-10-11 15.33.13 2013-10-11 15.33.28 2013-10-11 15.34.03 2013-10-11 15.34.07 2013-10-11 15.34.16 2013-10-11 15.34.32 2013-10-11 15.34.52 2013-10-11 15.35.17 2013-10-11 15.36.19 2013-10-11 15.36.47 2013-10-11 15.37.13 2013-10-11 17.18.44


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  1. So many artists…so much art….wandering around looking for a good place for expression.
    This street art is very thought provoking!

  2. I must confess I fall in the latter category. That’s because all that everyone I go with wants to do is go from one casino resort to another. It gets really boring beyond a point.

  3. Cool angle on Macau – thanks for sharing!

  4. Ah, we’re missing pictures of the Baby!

    Best, Jenn


  5. Great stuff! I developed more of an appreciation in Berlin!

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