Street Art on Hong Kong Island – Sheung Wan from Day One

While we have a lot going on at the moment, we’ve always prided ourselves on maintaining balance.  Then we forgot to blog for like, um, 6 weeks…oops.  However, we’ve recently picked up the slack again and sitting down to think about it all/look through some of our pics, led us to realise just how much we still have to share with you all from this amazing city…and that we better get onto it with our time here now finite.

Hong Kong has more than surprised us with its vibrant street art scene.  For a relatively glossy and control heavy city the proliferation of this type of art is awesome.  Sheung Wan, at the western end of the island line, has been a particularly interesting little treasure trove of changing landscapes during the year and a half we’ve been here and with every mission we stumble upon something new and cool.

When we first arrived in Hong Kong we were actually staying in this neighbourhood.  Casual strolls around to find food, laundrettes,  apartments were quickly side-tracked by far more interesting diversions….on our very first day we managed to happen upon an exhibition in a local gallery by an Australia artist, Lister.  IMG_6244

Due to the fact that we are exceptionally good at ‘random’, it just happened that the artist himself was in town and, we were informed by the helpful gallery owner, a mere street away working live on a new piece.

With our powers of direction and art sniffing finely turned, minutes later we found ourselves chatting to the man himself, scoping his art and being invited to a party later that night.  We are just So Street, it hurts.

IMG_6247 IMG_6261IMG_6260IMG_6249

Pretty choice for day one!!!

Subsequently, Sheung Wan has never failed to impress us and with every repeat visit over the last 18 months we’ve snapped a few more pics.  From stencils to stickers to graffiti, the variety has kept us coming back for more.

IMG_6438 IMG_6273 IMG_6258 IMG_6434 IMG_6276 IMG_6275 IMG_6269 IMG_6245 IMG_6423 IMG_6441 IMG_6265 IMG_6405 IMG_6443 IMG_6442 IMG_6271IMG_0983wpid-20140604_160354.jpg wpid-20140604_161304.jpg wpid-20140605_104824.jpg wpid-20140605_104842.jpg wpid-20140605_104854.jpg wpid-20140605_105621.jpg wpid-20140605_105349_002.jpg wpid-20140605_105629.jpg wpid-20140605_105657.jpg wpid-20140605_105802.jpg wpid-20140605_105840.jpg wpid-20140605_105801.jpg wpid-20140605_105827.jpg wpid-20140605_105734.jpg wpid-20140605_105707.jpg wpid-20140605_105920.jpg wpid-20140605_105849.jpg wpid-20140605_105812.jpg wpid-20140605_105822.jpg wpid-20140605_105952.jpg wpid-20140605_105956.jpg

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  1. Wow – great photos! Will Baby Caribou be a hip street chick too?!

  2. I agree entirely, Great part of town! Great photos.

  3. I’m a big graffiti/street art fan, so your photos were great to see!

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