A North Point Tour of Hong Kong Eating Styles – Roast Meat Edition

So a while back we started a series with the intention of introducing you all to the various foods that Hong Kong is famous for, by journeying through our favourite neighbourhood, North Point.  North Point not only has everything, it has some of the ‘the best’ of everything AND it’s where we live, allowing us to fill up and roll home.  That’s a trifecta of foodie goodness if ever we heard one.

Much discussion has been held about which of the many delights we would blog about next…until one day recently on the tram we noticed a brand new, shiny billboard glancing down at us from high up on King’s Road.

2014-05-31 21.41.35-2

How can you resist that?!

Heping Restaurant opened around a year ago – on our street.  Yes, on our street.  We have, of course, been there a bunch of times (rolling distance, we tells ya!) and not long after it opened it started winning awards for its Char Siu – or HK style honey roasted bbq pork.  We take group after group there, have their business cards stashed ready for the purpose of thrusting them at our BnB guests (also handy for taxi directions to our place!) and have been known to grab polystyrene containers of their pork to takeaway to our house and ‘pig’ out in comfort.  Yum.

The new billboard just confirmed for us – and now the rest of the city – what we already knew:  Heping is Boss.2014-05-31 21.32.08

This restaurant specialises in a Hong Kong specialty, that of siu mei or Cantonese roasted meats.  Most places will lure you in with their street front windows packed with hanging cuts of pig, goose, duck…you get the picture.  This particular restaurant features an glass walled kitchen in the centre of the establishment but what makes it particularly cool in our opinion is that it’s the only one we’ve seen that has a honeycomb dripping its sticky, gloriousness down, ready to be slathered super fresh straight onto the pork. 2014-05-31 21.06.26 Is this what makes it so darn tasty?  We’ve no idea.  But what we do know is that one plate is never enough and we have been known to devour a few in quick succession.2014-05-31 20.33.43

That’s not to say that the other food here isn’t also great.  It really, really is.  Our recommendations:

Roasted goose and roasted ducks – you can’t come to Hong Kong and not eat the delicious flesh of these birds.  Roasted with love until crispy on the outside, with a juicy layer of fat combining with the dark, slightly gamey meat underneath – you’d be silly not to.2014-05-31 20.37.18 2014-05-31 20.37.09

Roasted goose fried rice.  See above and add fried rice.  Need we say more?!2014-05-31 20.47.46

In fact, no, we need say no more.  Roast meats are super Hong Kong, super delicious and are a must-do on any eating itinerary while here.  If you happen to be in North Point, we’ll even be happy to escort you to Heping and introduce you to the delights.

Oh and in case you were wondering whether a visit to Heping will result in the Mona Lisa herself bringing out your roast goose, they already thought of this.

2014-05-31 21.44.31-2

Reference only.  Um…???!!!

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  1. I remember that place, the pork was a-may-zing (damn I wish I had some right now.

  2. If their food tastes half as good as it looks, I’m in! Oh man do I miss some yummy Asian food….!!!

  3. For your sake I really hope they have a kick-back program allowing to get a freebie now and again. Would LOVE to try that place if ever I get over there!

  4. Oh, that looks so tasty! But it’s good that they specify that the Mona Lisa won’t be delivering your food – think of how confused people would be otherwise… 😉

  5. Hideously jealous and craving roast goose with rice now 😦 Hope things are going well for you both (all)! Is it time yet?

    • Everything is going well, bub due any minute though probably enjoying the by-products of our diet…so may not want to move out and be stuck with just milk! Don’t blame her really. We’ve potentially created a food monster.

  6. I am literally salivating right now. Give me some of that roast goose!

  7. That needs to get into my belly, STAT!

  8. That meat looked delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t eat meat! 😀 Why the Mona Lisa? Is there any more Mona Lisa decor inside?

  9. Mmmm I missed my usual foray to San Francisco China town for roast duck this year since I’ve moved to southern California, guess I’ll need to scope out some of the nearer places, a trip to LA may be in order.

  10. uhhhhhh roast meats…..uhhhhhhhrrrrgggg. those pictures have me dying over here!!!!

  11. This is going straight on my list. Farrr out that pork looks good.
    Pleease please please take me on a foodie tour around North Point when I visit!! 😀

  12. Oh man, my mouth is watering, the photos are miraculous!
    I’ll never be able to picture Mona Lisa without that delicious goose in her arms again!
    Nothing beats Hong Kong’s roast meats – super delicious!
    ~ Andrea ❤

  13. Reading this post and weeping – denied by Heping yesterday….DAMN YOU PRIVATE FUNCTION

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