Inflatable Poo and a Pie or Two…

Perfect days occur most often in unexpected and unplanned ways.  Making the most of a day off work mid-week and the unusually sunny, clear day, we decided to hit Hong Kong’s Western Promenade area to check out an exhibition that has been the talk of the town.  So forgive us the short segue from our India travels – but it was the kind of random day that would be rude not to share.

As mentioned, the weather was utterly stunning; it was one of those rare days when the hot sun is shining, the clouds are puffy and white, the sky radiates a delicate but wonderful shade of eggshell blue and the pollution has cleared off allowing the buildings that line the ever impressive HK harbour to be seen in high definition.


The International Commerce Centre (ICC) is a particularly impressive feature of the Kowloon side of the skyline.  Reaching 118 stories into the heavens, it houses, among other more boring and commerce-y stuff, the Ritz-Carlton, which lays claim to not being only the world’s highest hotel but also to having the world’s highest swimming pool and bar.

IMG_8140Until June a rather random blot on the ICC’s otherwise glamorous foreground can be seen, much to the amusement of, well, everybody with half a soul.


If you’re looking at this and thinking “that looks like a giant pile of poo”, you’re right, that’s exactly what it is! Well, the inflatable kind anyway which is definitely a good thing in the 30 degree day.  IMG_8139

“Mobile M+: Inflation!” is one of a series of pre-opening “nomadic” exhibitions curated by M+, the new museum for visual culture currently under construction at the West Kowloon Cultural District.  The works, according to the M+ website, are meant to “explore the ever-changing notions of nature and artifice, intimacy and monumentality, permanence and temporariness, as well as beauty and the grotesque in the realm of constructed landscapes.”

Enough of a mission statement, let’s check out some poooooo!

IMG_8146 Just how big is this poo, exactly?!  In the interests of scale, H-J got up close and personal.IMG_8151 IMG_8152 Its not all just shits and giggles at the waterfront.  There’s also a gigantic piggy, complete with apple eyes and meaty insides.IMG_8158 IMG_8178 Upon venturing in through the porky ribcage, one can rest upon inflatable cushions complete with photographic overlays of bacon, mince and other porcine products. IMG_8162 Bugs and legs were up next.IMG_8168 A bowl of water is placed in front of these inflatables, allowing for some cool perspectives/illusions if you feel like crouching down.  Cause half a gigantic upside down body and a giant bug aren’t cool enough by themselves?! IMG_8170 A lotus flower was in the process of being re-inflated when we were there but H-J was far too impatient to await its reaching full glory as something else had caught her eye…IMG_8250 A life size Stonehenge BOUNCY CASTLE!!!IMG_8179 We’re sure you’ll all agree that one of the suckful things about being a ‘grown up’ is that you’re not allowed to do lots of stuff that looks really fun, like jumping on bouncy castles. That is, unless you’re slightly rich/bonkers and can afford/justify hiring your own.  The rest of us mere mortals watch children bounce with glee and harbour secret thoughts of screw driving away their fun.  Not today though – this bouncy delight was open to all (other than those wanting to engage in human sacrifice) and being the amazingly smart people we are visiting on a super hot weekday, we all but had the run of it to ourselves.IMG_8181 IMG_8224 IMG_8182 IMG_8226 IMG_8228 IMG_8187 IMG_8200 IMG_8207 IMG_8212 It was the most fun we’ve had in ages and certainly the most fun we’ve probably everhad jumping around like crazy folk while sober.  Awesome does not begin to describe it.  We’re convinced that if everyone was forced to engage in this kind of activity at least once the world would be a well more chilled out place.  Oh and we felt justified in skipping the gym today – its quite a workout bouncing around like an idiot for half an hour!

Appetites duly worked up and sweat glistening on our brows, our eyes were caught by the promise of Food and Drinks in a humble looking trailer just beyond the ‘Henge.
IMG_8231 What lay inside this discrete package was far, far greater than we ever would have guessed or dared to imagine on the waterfront of Hong Kong.IMG_8233 Pies.  Yes, PIES.  True blue meat pies.  In a queer twist of absolute serendipity the one that H-J randomly ordered even had a little pastry caribou adoring its golden top.  Actually, its probably a cow being a beef pie and all, but we’re going with the theme of perfection here.IMG_8237 Not just pies were to be had though.  Sausage rolls too!  This was a Kiwi expat’s dream.IMG_8240 Piles of poo, a bouncy castle for adults and meaty pastry delights.  Does life get any better than this?!  IMG_8252Thanks Hong Kong for a wildly unpredictable and incredibly incredible day.

And should you want to order your body weight in pies, or learn more about the exhibition (and not just look at pictures of poo), then do check out the following:

Tai Tai Pies

Mobile M+

Catch you all back in India soon to share our last few days in the north!

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  1. A perfect day indeed! And what fun that Stonehenge was, and all to yourselves too 🙂 I think you deserved the pies after all that bouncing aorund 🙂

  2. I was drawn in by the headline and thank god for that! That looks like amazing fun! What a brilliant exhibition!

  3. Great post!! Looks like the two of you had a blast. 🙂

  4. Tai Tai Pie Pies is so happy to have made your day even more special. Thank you for enjoying our delicious Pies. Cheers

  5. awesome post, loved the fun! still don’t really understand the giant poop?????

    • According to the website:
      “Complex Pile is a 51-foot-high, 110-foot-long, inflatable sculpture of a twisted pile of excrement. Embodying his rare ability to leverage bad taste to infiltrate the well-mannered confines of the art world, Complex Pile mocks its picturesque surroundings and pokes fun at the prudent qualities of public sculpture. Following a long line of other large-scale inflatable sculptures by the artist — among them, Daddies Tomato Ketchup (2007) and Santa Butt Plug (2007) — Complex Pile also uses its massive size to disrupt perceptions of space, instilling a sense of uncertainty in the viewer and destabilising the pastoral setting of a public park. Despite its airy weightlessness, McCarthy’s work provokes a hefty scrutiny of fundamental beliefs, in particular assumptions of beauty and attractiveness in art.”

      Hope that helps!

  6. Everyone come see the Balloons and visit Tai Tai Pie Pies for some Sweet and Savory Pies when you are there!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Guys! Love the blog, loved this post, we’re planning on going to Hong Kong for our Summer vacation. Should the giant poop still be inflated, we’re going to put it on our must-see! 🙂 I want to e-give you guys the Very Inspiring Blog Award, since that perfectly describes your blog. You can check out my post here ->

    • The poo is to remain inflated until the start of June so hopefully that works in with your travel plans! If not, let us know should you need suggestions of stuff to check out while you’re here 🙂 There’s a link to our Air BnB page on the side of the blog should you need somewhere to lay your heads here too!

      Thanks so much for the blog award – its always nice to know that people are into our random tales. We look forward to checking out some of your other recommended blogs.

      • So sad about this on all levels. First, we miss the inflatable poo as we’ll be arriving August 3rd 😦 big bummer (hehe it works so well in this context). Also, and most sadly, we didn’t see your Air BnB page in time and had booked the cheapest hotel possible last month, paid in full to get the deal 😦 even bigger bummer. We would have LOVED to stay with you guys. Your reviews are way better than the hotel we’re booked at…
        It would be great to have an insiders perspective of must-see stuff. We’re staying for 6 full days and then heading to Macau afterwards. Any suggestions on stuff to see would be muchly appreciated. 🙂

      • When we hear the words ‘cheapest hotel possible’, Chungking Mansions comes to mind…are you staying at a guesthouse there? If so, be in a for an experience! We’ll come and meet you for dinner there one night, if you’re keen, as there’s some surprisingly good finds amongst its dodgy hallways.

        Bummer about the poo, for sure! Thankfully, HK has loads of stuff to keep you interested. Its a great idea that your making a separate trip to Macau too – so many people come to HK and just do a day trip over to Macau to see the casinos but there really is so much more to it and a couple of days will do it much better justice. Feel free to email us: if you want to catch up when you’re here or pick our (small) brains 🙂

      • Just sent you both an email! We’d love to go for dinner with you guys while we’re there! 🙂

  8. From the looks of the pictures, you two picked the perfect day to visit! Jealous of your close-up view of the “complex pile” 😉 as it was deflated for repairs the day we were there.

  9. What the crap!!! lol love you guys and love seeing you have such a choice time xx – im so behind reading your blog (which is redic cos its so dam awesome and i loves ya but alas im a slacker in my time off kids and wk) – but i couldnt resist the Poo and Pie edition (yes sad, very sad)…..

  10. Wow, Wonder post with powerful pictures which attracts to the visit.

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