Haesindang (aka The Penis) Park

Warning: for those of you with delicate sensibilities, we advise you take care when viewing the images below.  For the rest of you, enjoy the cock…

Up a hill, overlooking the stunning coastline of picturesque Gangwon-Do lies a rather odd sight…a park full of phallic statues.

Why? Well you might well ask.  Local legend has it that once upon a time a young virgin threw herself into the ocean here and drowned.   The local fisherman soon began to notice a steep decline in the numbers of fish they were catching. The fish, it seemed, had all but disappeared. Concluding that the young girl’s spirit was haunting the ocean (angry and frustrated after dying a virgin!), the locals decided to take drastic action to appease said spirit. And what does a virgin spirit want most??

A discrete looking entrance, albeit with rather horrified looking cartoon folk, beckons you towards a gorgeously landscaped park.  While you might be expecting an innocent stroll, perhaps a picnic with your family or a lovely view of the coast, things turn rather odd, rather quickly…

Having had an early start to the day, we were starting to become overwhelmed by penises and hunger (for food, that is) we decided that it was an opportune time for a spot of breakfast.  And its not often that you get the chance to dine on cereal with such a wonderful backdrop.

Upon closer inspection, these particular ‘models’ showed themselves to be elaborately carved stone animals, representing the twelve signs of the Korean animal zodiac.

Dan was born in the year of the dog.

H-J, ironically enough, was born in the year of the cock.  Seriously.  The rooster.

But enough about us, what more was to be found?

As you might be able to squint at and see, there were many other people enjoying the park on this beautiful summer day.  Giggling groups of men and women, old people, young people, even children.  Everyone loves it!

A slight reprieve from all this, um, activity is to be found bang smack in the middle of the park by way of a Fork Museum. Whatever wonders could lie in here, we pondered…

Sadly, when we arrived at the building the forks turned into folk.

Nary a fork to be found.  However, it was a rather interesting museum which looked at both traditional and modern fishing practices, history and lore.And just when we thought we were safe for a while, it turns out its also a museum dedicated to sexual iconography around the world.  So yip, more penises.

After being educated in the museum, it was back outdoors in the 38 degree day to explore more cock.  We didn’t have to go far before we confronted with perhaps the most elaborate set up we’d seen in the park yet!

At the bottom of the cock path is the woman who started it all.  The virgin.  With a cock in her pocket, of course.

Just beyond her fated figure lies a little temple, perched right at the end of the cliff overlooking the fishing village.  It seemed like an opportune time for a prayer or two to the god of cock.

It was here we ended our journey.  Making our exit from the park back into the seaside village and relative normality, we left the penis park behind.  And pondered whether we’d ever get the chance to experience a tourist attraction so odd again.  Fingers crossed!

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  1. This is a hilarious entry! lol!

  2. Oh my gosh . . . I hadn’t heard about this place until now. Humans are pretty strange sometimes . . . . Great and funny post!

  3. I think I may have to shell out and come to Korea just to see this insane place. By the way , the temple picture (2nd to last) the characters 堂神海 mean sea god temple. I wish it were 堂神鸡巴。 That would be the Penis God Temple . HAHAHA

  4. While some may say my sensibilities are a bit warped, my imagination runs wild with ideas. Just imagine the poetry I could write or the canvases with such inspiration… 🙂

  5. Too funny! I’m amazed there aren’t more of these parks around the world 😉

    • There are many phallic looking rocks around the world and in many places with Hindu influences there are lingum (penis) temples. On Jeju-do (an island off the south coast of Korea) there is a Love Museum too – loads of sex themed statues and attractions. I’ve heard of them in Japan and in Europe too…so perhaps there might be something to tickle your pickle close to you too!

  6. holy mother of……… WOW! I did not know that such a place existed in Korea! I’ve got to check it out next time I visit! haha!! This is hilarious. And yeah.. Great job pointing out the irony (?) of the literal cock..

  7. Hahaha, yeah that’s the last thing I’d’ve expected! A couple of my friends went there on a trip to Korea a few years back. I want to go tooooooooooo!!!!!!

  8. All right, that’s it. One of my new ambitions is to eat cereal surrounded by giant penis statues. Like a BOSS.

  9. Amazing. Korea continues to fascinate….

  10. How was the road there, long and hard? LOL

  11. OMFG. That’s about all I can say. Though some of the images had me cracking up.

  12. I really love cock! Artistically speaking.

  13. Nice work!!! Another amazing adventure! I loved the Fork Museum too. Nothing like some good Engrish to lead the way….

  14. Never seen any park like this. Enjoyed! 😉

  15. That is amazing! Every statue is more hilarious than the next!

  16. Unreal….crazy……..can’t think of anything else to say….except, what are they thinking?

  17. Heehee for the love of the cock, good thing there was no builder posing here… could’ve been misinterpreted…

  18. Oh, my my! Who knew? What a strange and beautiful world. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to stop laughing long enough to take photos. Thanks for sharing!

  19. haha. Such a God. Who knows what happens when hes angry. ew

    Fantabulous post by you btw. Pictures are taken neatly too. \m/ Keep rocking.

  20. Amusing and adolescent at the same time.

  21. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Great post!

  22. wow! Did the penis enlargement spammers contact you already to use one of the images?

  23. I laughed at the waterfall. Thinking if I should include this in my list once I visit Korea. =)

  24. Now this post had my laughing. Well done!

  25. lol, no cock and bull story here and the Fork museum, hahaha… probably just a dickhead spelling error ;P meant to read _ucking Folk museum, yes also equally hahaha, the virgin and her cock pocket or was that rocket, lol. I’d seen images of this park before but not through your eyes, haha. Thanks for the dicks & gigles.

  26. Hahahaha weird, right?! This is our Number 1 most visited post…not sure what that says about people 😉

  27. this is one of the best fucking things i’ve ever read. Rock the cock on

  28. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would
    be ok. I’m totally loving your blog and look forward to new posts.

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