Exciting times in the village and a little teaser…

Recently we had the extremely exciting honour of being awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by fellow blogger, Bringing You Beirut.  How cool is that?!  We are pretty new to blogging in the scheme of things so its nice to know that people are reading and enjoying what we have to say.

Thank you so much BYB – we love your blog!

Bringing You Beirut

Small Photo

This also seems like a great time to say a huge THANK YOU to all our readers and followers.  We love getting your comments and having your support.  Its been a great way for us to not only keep our friends and family up to date but to also discover some amazing blogs.

Which brings us to the next bit…

We now get to pass on the award to a few of our favourite bloggers – we’ve made it easy for you to check out their blogs by just clicking on their pictures.  So here goes, the waterfallsandcaribous versatile blogger awardees:

Chica Andaluza


Living the dream somewhere up a mountain in Andalucia…this site has stunning photos, great recipes and flawless writing about her transition from “city slicker to Spanish Chica”.  Beautiful!

my name is not Kim


Recipes, gorgeous photos and general musings from this HR Professional, living in Calgary.  We were sucked in by the fact on her ‘about’ page that read:

“I wanted to be a Kpop Star.  Unfortunately my head is too big, my calves are too muscular, and I refuse to get double eyelid surgery.  Oh, and I can’t sing… I guess that’s important too.”

Funny stuff.

The Finest Glow

Small Photo

A newbie on the blogging scene, just like us, this blogger is an avid wine and food ‘researcher’!  Hehe.  We use that excuse too…But seriously, her blog is informative and amusing and we’re looking forward to more posts.

And she likes Central Otago Pinot!

some of my best friends are food


No other words for this than Food Porn. Gorgeous photos that will make your mouth drool…

Thanks again to Bringing Your Beirut and all our followers.  Back to business as usual for the next instalment of waterfallsandcaribous, in which we attempt something we’ve never done before…

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  1. I am very honored to have made this list! Thanks for reading my blog and posting AMAZING pictures of delicious Korean food that I’m always drooling over 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved. Btw, I also nominated you for the 7×7 Link Award. 🙂

    • ARGGGHHH WOW!!! Thank you so much! We’ve just checked our your post – how exciting 🙂 We’re feeling a bit chuffed right about now.

      Congratulations to you also! You’re doing a great job. Was cool to learn some new things about you! You might want to stay away from certain areas in Korea – much like fried chicken, there is an over-abundance of teddy bear museums…

  3. Congratulations are in order! 😉

  4. Congrat on your award! I love Bringing You Beirut–I started following you when she awarded you that on her blog. 🙂 Love the teaser at the end of your post…I’ll be back to see what shakes out. 🙂

  5. First of all, big congrats to you two! It’s very well deserved 😀

    Secondly, OMG, thank you sooo much for nominating me! Being in Korea, I’m sure you understand the Kpop star bit. I really do have a giant head and my face is NOT the size of a CD (rather, it’s more like, 2 CD’s), which is the Korean ideal for a feminine face. Have you heard the term “moo-dari” yet? Yeah, I totally own a pair of moo-dari’s too.

    This really makes my week, which has been long and hurtful on the brain… and probably won’t be any better for the next few days as I study up for finals on Wednesday, ugh. I promise to pay it forward after the finals are over! Thanks again, I really appreciate all your awesome posts and your comments on my blog! ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Hahahahahaha yes, we totally get what you mean. I’m glad you’re NOT a K-pop star…my ear drums start to feel singed when exposed to much of it.

    Good luck for your finals!!!!

  7. Belated congratulations on a very well deserved award! I really enjoy your blog and reading about experiences which are very new to me. Thank you too for nominating me for the VBA!!

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