The Hawaii of Korea – Part 2

Over the next couple of days we saw a lot of different stuff in Jeju.  Please find the edited highlights as follows:

A random maze we were dropped off at during the course of one of the tours.

The O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum where loads of delicious green tea is born and displayed.

We were also taken to a weird amount of caves…once you’ve seen one on Jeju, you’ve kinda seen them all.  But in our case, we’ve actually seen them all.  This cave was the best – Manjanggul Lava tube.  We walked for about 2 kilometres and saw the world’s largest known lava column.  Not many photos to be had as, unsurprisingly, its kinda dark…

And then a series of other caves…

As you can see, there were a LOT of caves explored.

We visited Hallim Park, a large area containing a bunch of different sub-parks, including bonsai park, bird park, tropical garden park…oh and more caves.  We won’t bore you with all the details but here is a selection of some cool stuff.

Another waterfall, somewhere else in Jeju

We visited a stunning temple.  We spent an hour here absorbing some Korean Buddhism.  H-J explored the expansive grounds while Dan sat mesmerised in the prayer hall for a good 45 minutes.  Enlightenment is still pending but we are planning on a doing a temple stay while we’re in Korea.

And some cool cliffs.

Saw some cool boats.

And loads of tangerines.

And then we were done!

The “Hawaii of Korea”.  Um, we NEVER saw a beach…

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  1. You guys are so naughty! (Kissing in a clearly no kissing area) 😛

  2. Jeju Tangerines = yum!

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