Seoul – Part 2

Highlights of the rest of our trip in Seoul (and things to check out when you’re there!) include:

Large cartoon characters all over the show, just asking for touristy photos.

A stupid amount of teddy bear museums seem to exist everywhere…

Magnificent views from up the top of Seoul Tower…so worth the dodgy cable car and/or the walk through stunning Namsan Park.

While looking out the tower we discover some guy doing repairs on an extremely high tower….FHL!

Gorgeous temples and palaces.

(Monks dress COOL here!)

On our final night in Seoul we ended up tagging along with a bunch of people we’d been on a tour with to go to Korea House.  We didn’t know much about it other than it was a dinner with a cultural show.  While this may sound incredibly cheesy, we couldn’t get over how amazing the entire experience was.  The dinner was phenomenal – if somewhat overwhelming as we a little bit late arriving so they brought many, many dishes to our table at an alarming rate!

After gorging ourselves stupid on soups, seafood, meat dishes, salads, kimchi, rice dishes, desserts etc etc etc, we headed over to the auditorium for the cultural show.  It was the kind of show that with each performance we were thinking, “wow, I reckon that one’s my favourite”, only to have it superseded by the following.  It was THAT good.  It was an amazing journey through traditional music, folk dance, mythology and both of us are amped to see more of this side of Korea.

The performance ended with the best bit of all – a cameo appearance from Dan!  He learnt the moves pretty quickly and was kicking his legs and clapping like he was a born traditional dance.

He was presented with a lovely fan for his efforts 🙂

And some arty shots to finish up.

On to the next destination…

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  1. have you gotten this vid on youtube yet?? Hahaha!!

  2. haha Dan was great! Way to be a sport and participate like that! Videos look great. I was also contemplating on getting video on my blog as well but wasn’t sure how it would look. So far it holds up well.

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