Xi’an Picture Wrap – Temples, Pollution and Joy!

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  1. Xi’an looks just as polluted as when I was there in 1990…good grief. Thanks for the great photos.

  2. So sad to see the pollution. When we were in Santiago, as I was driving to the hotel, the cab driver told me there was a mountain in front of us but it was so “smokey” we couldn’t see it. It rained a couple of days later and I was stunned to see this incredibly large Andes mountain that had been hidden by the smog. Hopefully, the world will finally realize the effects of pollution and try to minimize it.
    In the meantime, I’m still waiting to see a good picture of the expecting mom. Smiling head shots flashing a peace sign just doesn’t cut it. 😉 I hope all is well with you both (and a half) and life is treating you well. 🙂 I am always envious of your travels and experiences.

    • Haha love the euphemisms for pollution – “smokey”, “foggy”, “misty”…our planes on the way there were delayed due to “bad weather” – read “couldn’t land the plane safely cause the pilot couldn’t see 10 feet ahead of the plane”.

      Re the pregnant thing – it hasn’t been deliberate!!! I’ve started showing actually relatively late and we haven’t been posting much recently…but noted, shall get onto it before I pop, haha.

  3. Seriously! You guys have got to get on Instagram! I love these snaps and it’s your duty to share the exploits both on & off the road! I’ve never been to see the terracotta warriors. Truth be told I spend a lot of time in the cities when I go. Makes my feet itchy, need to jet set now!

    • Lol, for that we’d need phones capable of something other than phone calls. Sigh. We need sponsorship!!!

      • Once you get started with a smartphone addiction (it’s hard to stop!) Nonetheless, there’s so many awesome platforms out there!

        Byw, did I tell you I’ve finally moved over to my new virtual home! I’ve told do many folks, I can’t remember who I did or didn’t tell 🙂

      • Lol, believe it or not I actually had a smarphone in Korea and deliberately chose not to have one here, so my sobs are fake 😉 It makes me MUCH less beholden to work this way, snigger.

        What is your new virtual home? You may or may not have told us but I may or may not have registered the information…lol.

      • I guess there was a stage when we lived without smart phones and truly, it wasn’t that long ago! As for my virtual new home, it’s exactly the same as the old address, aka girl in a food frenzy.

        You could say we renovated 😉

  4. Woah. Nice photos – how do you guys get such sharp night photos? Do you carry a tripod with you??? Have you guys ever read the book “Wild Swans”? I’m reading it right now + it’s so fascinating. It’s about 3 generations – the grandmother was a concubine, the mother a dedicated Communist + the author was a teenager during the Cultural Revolution. Sounds really Joy Luck Club, but I swear it’s not. I’m learning a lot about Communism under Mao + it’s so horrific + unbelievable.

    • Sharp night photos usually = precarious leaning somewhere or THOUSANDS of shots, enabling us to choose the best one, hehe. We do have a tripod but seldom can bothered carrying it.

      I read Wild Swans yeeeeeears ago and it started me off being really interested in literature about the Cultural Revolution. It has probably been long enough that I could re-read it quite satisfactorily so off to the library I shall go!

  5. Love the black & white (5th from the bottom) – it’s like an old-timey archive photo from an era long ago.

  6. Hey Guys! It’s roomaomao! I’ve been a terrible blogging friend over the last like year and a half. Wanted to welcome you to China and breathe that smog in deep! Come out to Shanghai and I’ll show ya around. I’m coming out to Hong Kong for Dragon Boat festival in June!

    • LOL, haha yeah, we’ve been in HK for about a year and a half now 🙂 Loving it, for sure. June is when baby is born so we’ll either be fat and about to pop or dealing with a perfect, non-crying newborn. If it works, we’ll have a coffee eh?!

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