Mini Golf Ghetto Styles – the Hong Kong “Experience”

What kind of self-respecting golf course has concrete instead of grass?  A good question!  Turns out the answer is “the only mini-golf course in Hong Kong”, which is where we found ourselves one grey and chilly winter’s day in the spirit of entertaining our out-of-town-guests.

This post needs no narrative and no words other than “crap yet hilariously entertaining and rather challenging”…the challenging bit being how much time you’ll spend in the rough, swearing disgracefully at the bouncy combination of golf ball + concrete.  We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  And should you find yourselves in Hong Kong at a loose end, head out to Shek O for a spot of mini-golf.

2013-11-28 16.52.35 2013-11-28 16.52.32 2013-11-28 16.34.33 2013-11-28 16.48.27 2013-11-28 16.47.58 2013-11-28 17.16.23 2013-11-28 17.03.31 2013-11-28 17.03.17 2013-11-28 17.01.32 2013-11-28 17.02.57 2013-11-28 16.59.56 2013-11-28 16.50.31 2013-11-28 16.50.37 2013-11-28 16.52.06 2013-11-28 16.49.19 2013-11-28 16.47.16 2013-11-28 16.47.26 2013-11-28 16.42.43 2013-11-28 16.52.38 2013-11-28 16.50.55

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  1. Wow this is possibly the most ridiculous yet funny thing I’ve ever seen haha awesome.

  2. Hahaha that last pic of Dan. I can feel the frustration radiating from the photo!

  3. The pure wackiness of Hong Kong. Love it. Have you guys visited the indoor ice rink at Festival Walk? Do some shopping and then zip around on a REAL ice rink (none of this plastic crap, trust me I know as I destroyed my leg when I fell while in shorts).

    Oh Happy New Year! I presume the festivities have started over there. The decorations must be awesome.

    • LOL, there’s a rink in the Cityplaza Mall in Taikoo, just down the road from our house too…but no, haven’t succumbed as yet!

      Gung hei fat choy! The shops are just starting to go nuts with all the NY paraphernalia, the lanterns are emerging and the place is feeling very red and festive. Bring it on – such a cool time of year 😉

  4. How did you even find this weird place? Maybe they’d just pulled up the green fake turf for replacement and let you play as a laugh? Worht it for the pictures either way. Next time come to Tai Po for strawberry picking!

  5. Wheres the food?, I ate specifically before reading this so you wouldn’t make me hungry and I get concrete?

  6. HK you’ve got awesome game face! That mini golf course is so….austere. Nothing like the crazy, wacky, colorful mini golf courses in north america! Interesting.

  7. for sure gonna take the mini bus to shek o try out this mini golf ,, did you rent the golf stick and the ball there from the store?

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