Yeah we’re so boring we hit Robuchon all the time now

To be honest, we have rather a slew of fancy afternoon tea sluttage to engage in soon with the advent of H-J’s mum but a recent-ish wedding anniversary led to the first of The Season at Salon de The de Joel Robuchon  Its part of L’Atelier, albeit a much more casual and affordable place to wind away a Sunday afternoon.  Cutting the crap, we went straight for the kill and ordered a High Tea Set for Two.  Oh and a plate of amazing Robuchon fries.  And perhaps maybe also a box of macarons.  Anyway, the point is that this particular arrangement comes with a fine array of both savoury and sweet.    2013-07-21 16.12.59The savoury platter arrived expeditiously and was stunning to look at.2013-07-21 16.37.14

A gorgeous little Maine lobster and mango sandwich glowed from its midst, with its glossy green pearls.  It was yum but the standout was an extremely French style black truffle sandwich – in this case, ‘style’ just mean copious amounts of creamy butter and a hit of soft, truffle.  We wondered if we could just loaves of this home and take it work for lunch everyday…There was also a smoked salmon and salmon-egg sandwich, an eggplant sandwich, and a little goats cheese and salmon gourgere-y type arrangement.

2013-07-21 16.38.05 2013-07-21 16.37.28 2013-07-21 16.37.50Fries aren’t just fries at Robuchon – they’re some kind of exquisite preparation of more than one round of frying and some rendered duck fat.  
2013-07-21 16.24.09 2013-07-21 16.24.33 Oh yeah, we got distracted by fries but there were a couple of home made (actually, what DOES that mean in a fine dining establishment?) natural and lemon raisin scones with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam, too.  Let’s face it, though – after a butter and truffle sandwich with some duck fat fries nothing really comes close.2013-07-21 16.12.49 2013-07-21 16.37.56 2013-07-21 16.46.43 It was a good intro to the sweet course though.  A second platter arrived replete with shining, intricately detailed creations.  2013-07-21 16.57.42 The Mont Blanc and the mango jelly cheesecake were pretty tasty.2013-07-21 16.57.52The Paris Brest was exquisite, from the soft waves of filling decorated with little glints of gold leaf down to the monogrammed chocolate button.
2013-07-21 17.03.16Rose petal and pistachio clusters and a fruit bread bought things a bit more down to earth – that is if your earth was a hybrid of everything familiar, comforting and wonderful about homestyle baking combined with the technique of someone that has earned 28 Michelin stars.  Humble.
2013-07-21 16.58.26 The star, however was the ‘Home Made Macaron Ganache’.  Yeah, sounds totally home made!  The teeny tiny macarons sat nestled into a bed of creamy choc and snuggled up with more monogrammed chocolate.  We’ve leaned a regular size macaron up against it for some perspective on just how delicate this dessert was!2013-07-21 16.56.14 What we’ve realised we don’t have enough of in our lives (apartment from afternoon teas) is monogrammed stuff.  Waterfallsandcaribous chocolates?! 2013-07-21 17.08.43

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  1. Wow very nice! I love high tea in HK…this place I have to try next time I’m there. We went to the Peninsula Hotel for our fix. Very elegant and classical with a string quartet playing on the balcony.

  2. Oh you lucky, lucky things – congrats if I understood right and it was your anniversary! I love the idea of platters of little gorgeous things 🙂

  3. you sold me on “duck fat”
    looks yum!

  4. Those have to be the fanciest finger sandwiches I’ve ever seen!! And I would not fancy trying to recreate any of that ‘home made’ ganache stuff at home haha – looks laborious -_-

  5. awesome pictures! are you going to make a photo/table top book of all your food from around the world pictures?

  6. I want to eat it ALL!!! I don’t know even know which dish had me drooling the most. So jealous!

  7. I’ve decided I need to live in H-J’s handbag…full stop!

    How is it, I travel every year to HK and I never try anything as wonderful as this! *sigh*

    Ok, that might be a lie, have you attempted the gloriously fabulous Penninsula high tea yet? Big queue but über famous in HK Tsim Sha Tui 🙂

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