A Humble Dinner in Singapore

From the outset, let us just say that this is one of those completely gratuitous blogs that one only does when one wants to show off the absolute glamour of an evening’s dining of immense proportions.  There is no ‘story’ here, no witty event, not even an attempt to weave in delightful anecdotes or personal reflections.  We’ll have none of that bollocks here, thanks.

Welcome to waterfallsandcarbious dine at Robuchon, Singapore.  Fucking YUM.

Oh yeah, we’re in Singapore by this point.  But more on that bit later.  In the meantime…

Step one: walk through the rather palatial surrounding that is Resorts World Sentosa.

Finding the restaurant was an interesting missionStep two: find desired restaurant in the maze of sculptures, arcades and water features.

nice little water feature or seven then... Meeting strange people on our way


Step three: walk in the door trying to maintain an air of cool while (a) you shit yourself at the gorgeous surroundings; (b) you suppress an excited giggle at the anticipation of what you’re about eat; and, (c) try not to gawp too hard at the army of finely tuned (and stunning) wait staff.

Too many emotions - taste buds are having fits in anticipation

That looks heavy


Outstanding décor Top notch!!!

Step four: cut all the crap, fling the a la carte menu aside and go straight for the most sensible choice: the degustation menu.  Let’s face it, the chefs at these sorts of places tend to know better than you do.  Okay?

And then it begins.  The renowned bread cart is wheeled around for your gluttonous pleasure.

The bread!! Hand made daily on site

Sample one, sample two, sample many – the choices are astounding and the smells of fresh bread intoxicating.  When you’ve made your first choice (and remember, this cart will be wheeled back time and again), simply sit back and wait for your tantalising, doughy new friends to arrive gently heated…

Have as much as you would like! Umm...dangerous...and with your choice of hand curled butter.  Salted or unsalted?

Now, some hand whipped butter for the bread???Go unsalted and then get a side order of delectable rock salt so you can do the ultimate dipping.  We’re pretty sure this butter was probably hand churned by virgins or something.  Even if you don’t want bread, just get a plate of butter.  With salt.  Mmmmmm what a way to suffer a heart attack.

now that's what we call butter!

Orders for the deg placed, drinks in hand, it was time to let some of how we were actually feeling escape just a little bit.  

They look pretty chuffed It's not a Bundy... but Dan is on top of the world

Then starts the epic tasting journey.  We need say no more than to tell you what we ate and regale you with pictures that will make your palate cry out!

Cherry gazpacho with sheep ricotta cheese and pistachios.

The first taste so flavourful and refreshing

Mill-feuille of fresh tomatoes and rock crab with a coulis verjute.

Crabs, tomatoes and some precision on a plateGreen asparagus with caviar and crispy quail egg.

Perfect asparagus is hard to find! Sea urchin zephyr with wasabi foam.Just a fancy bit of Kina really

Frog leg with garlic cream and parsley coulis.

Thank you Kermit for the sacrifice! Nice dipping bowl... fragance, mmmmmmGambas kadaif with sweet and sour sauce. Shrimp tea perfumed with shitake mushrooms. Lobster wrapped in a coral emulsion.

The trioLike, the pasta is like a shell...and there is like, shellfish inside...woah!!!!!!!!Shrimp tea with mushys

Light cepes veloute,  refreshed with a sweet onion cloud.Interesting...

Amadai cooked on its scale with a lily bulb broth.

Tetxure.... beautiful dish

Sautéed veal chop with natural juice and vegetable taglierinis flavoured with pesto.

mmmmm...baby cow

Crispy fried cabbage and sprout vegetables with Argan oil.

Fried cabbage...buzzy!

Raspberry flavoured with pomegranate syrup, lychees and vanilla freshness.IMG_2156IMG_2153

Araguani chocolate mousse with caramelised pear sponge cake.  This particular dish was served with a humble little jug of chocolate and caramel sauce, poured table side by a god, allowing the delightful little sphere to dissolve like magic before your very eyes.IMG_2157 IMG_2167 IMG_2173 IMG_2184 IMG_2189 IMG_2191

And just when you think you’re done and dusted, along comes something resembling a cart wheeled straight from the vaults of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.  Everything you have ever imagined about being a kid in a candy shop, is revealed in all its adult enticing glory.  The best bit?  Fill up a plate, or two, or more with a selection of whatever you want!  GLEE!

IMG_2198 IMG_2194 IMG_2192 IMG_2195 IMG_2203 IMG_2202 IMG_2208 IMG_2206 IMG_2207

Bellys full, hearts content and all sweet related fantasies played out, it was time to bid adieu to our new favourite place on earth.  But not before they could thrust a takeaway cake into our hands.  Of course!

Thank you Mr Rubes!IMG_2213

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  1. Great post and this place looks a great place too eat, wow and those carts top stuff.

  2. Oh parents! Thank you! I’ve never had the opportunity to eat in a place like this. It looks absolutely f***kin amazing!

    • Yeah it was pretty awesome! If you should get the chance to be extravagant – DO IT. Its something that sticks in the memory for a long while 🙂

      • I most definitely will. Perhaps when my parents visit Asia again ? Shanghai has a number of places like this that are supposed to be excellent.

      • Does Shanghai have a Michelin guide or Zagat ratings or anything? I imagine there are some pretty spectacular restaurants. I think Jason Atherton has a ‘shop’ there as does David Laris…so there’s definitely some things lurking! Happy eating and keep us updated!

      • There are some pretty spectacular ones. Mr. and Mrs. Bund is one I have my eyes on. I can’t remember the name of it , but I just read an article about an experimental French place with 20 courses in which the room’s 360 degree lcd monitors change color and pattern to accompany the different dishes, oh yea and smells are pumped into the room to enhance the eating experience! Crazy! I found some online michelin guides and blogger updates about good places. How’s HK going?

  3. Oh my god. Wow. I have to go there.

  4. drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  5. Ok, I am hating you both just a very little bit right now 😦 And I´m happy for you, seriously, really (sob, sob)

  6. Oh my word… looks amazing!! They would have hated me with the last cart if it allo-you-can-eat! Haha! When it comes to sugar, I have no limits… Beautiful pics! Can I ask — what was the cost of this dinner?

    • Dan got pretty close to being denied more, he ordered so much off that last cart, haha. But we’re guessing that the entire contents probably have to be eaten every day in a place of that quantity. Their kitchen porters must be happy chappies…Re cost, a degustation at Joel Robuchon, Singapore costs SGD $565 for the non-wine-match option. Keep in mind, his restaurants in every other country are Michelin starred (Singapore doesn’t have a guide yet, surprisingly) AND he was named Chef of the Century. Its definitely a place for a real treat. I’m lucky enough to have now dined at two of his restaurants – this one and his one in Macau a couple of years back 🙂 GLEE!

  7. So jealous!

  8. Wow. Somehow the kimchi chiggae I have for lunch just doesn’t even begin to compare…

  9. this is ridiculous!
    I wouldn’t have believed it was real if you hadn’t posted this. Crazy. I want to go!


  11. That place look amazing!!!! Totally jealous.

  12. Wow, I like the look of that cabbage! I love good food, and I love Singapore, so me next!

  13. Great writeup and spectacular photos. Loved the post!

  14. *sigh* I think I need to get my butt to Singapore! Lol, I was only there two years ago (but) had I known there was a Mecca of petit fours and the bread cart from heaven to find, (I would) have dragged my sweetheart there in a heartbeat!

    Fantastic food and pics…a girl can only dream 😉

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