The Riverbanks of Sungai Klang

Realising pretty quickly that KL was a vibrant city filled with culture we had a sneaking suspicion that a bit of investigation would lead us towards some good street art in the downtown area.

Little did we know that we would stumble upon a plethora of top quality street art cascading along the banks of the Sungai Klang river close to the Central Market. Score!

The banks of Sungai Klang

It wasn’t too long before Dan was jumping over fences and climbing down precarious looking ladders to snap up pics of the quality pieces down the riverbanks.

This area, previously a spot for local and international artists, has been put on the world map by a couple of street art competitions. A pretty good find at the end of the day!!!

This is only a small part of what we discovered lurking on the streets and riverbanks of Kuala stay tuned for more street art soon!

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  1. Wicked, thanks for sharing. Have a lovely Christmas guys!

  2. Nice particularly like the pink monster

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