The Walls of Seoul

Having explored the street art of Busan pretty thoroughly, we were stoked to be able to spend some time in our few days in Seoul hunting down what the big smoke had to offer.  And we weren’t disappointed.

Street is art is best discovered when you’re not looking for it.  We were pretty chuffed to stumble on some primo work in the Hongik University area.

Seoul represent!!!!!!

Stay tuned for some epic street art from KL.

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  1. I’ll be curious to see what street art you two turn up in Hong Kong. I haven’t seen much around, but I’m probably not looking in the right places.

    • Walking down Queen’s Road Central , I found some tucked away in various alleys. Also some storefronts on Temple St. I’m ready to see more!

    • We’ve found heaps already…there’s little pockets everywhere. If you’ve heard of Start from Zero, that actually originated here so there’s a pretty decent scene. Its exciting 🙂 Obviously, we have a LOT of blogging to catch up on before we get to that but stay tuned!

      • As usual, I’m not looking in the right places! And, with two little kids, I’m almost never out and about when many of the painted store shutter doors are down for viewing. Looking forward to hearing about your time in India.

  2. It’s like I’m getting to visit all these places myself! Thanks.

  3. Score! Nice finds! I love exploring the street art scenes in cities. My girlfriend always complains cuz I stop to take so many pictures. How’s India going for y’all?

  4. You guys are back! Missed your crazy random travel posts 😀
    Haha your DMZ photos are so funny. Hope you have an amazing (and safe, gastro free) time in India, looking forward to seeing photos!

  5. Cool graffiti! I love that shit! 😀

    Hey, totally unrelated to your blog post, but…. would you recommending staying someplace near Pusan Station to a traveller to Korea? Just looking at options. 🙂

    • Heya! Apologies for the late reply – we’re currently in the south of India and internet is a bit sketchy here. Re accomodation – we’d probably aim to say somewhere in the Haeundae or Gwangan ares if we wanted to be near the action/beach etc. For shopping or a good central location Seomyeon is pretty sweet or for somewhere great near Busan Station, try Nampo. In Nampo you’ll find great markets (including Book Alley), Busan Tower, loads of cool shit and its super close to the KTX station. Hope that helps!

  6. Hi Dan and HJ I have nominated you to take part inI’ve nominated you to enter The Works ‘On the Road Reading Moment’ competition I only found out I was nominated on Tuesday when I got back from Mexico so apologies for the late notice Hope you can take up the challenge in the short time left…

    • Hi! Thanks so much for including us – alas, we’ve only seen this today and it looks like the competition closed yesterday 😦 We have just spent an incredible two months travelling through Korea, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and India and have just arrived in Hong Kong where we’ll be working for the next year. Got a whole lot of blogging to catch up – looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to and sharing our experiences too 🙂 Good luck with the competition!

      • I shall look forward to reading your adverntures, sorry the notice was so short for the comp but I only got back from Mexico Tuesday, jetlagged and weary, really like your blog by the way

  7. Love it, save our Seoul’s! 🙂 Believe it or not, I’d never thought of Korea as a subculture of such amazing street art. Not only do they have kimchi, decent BBQ and cheap beers but awesome art. Don’t worry Honkers is going to be an awesome stop in life too! Looking forward to hearing of your tales in India and hopefully we can share a meal and more than a few drinks in HK!

    • Korea has lots of hidden secrets like that…which made it awesome to explore! We’ve just hit the shores of Hong Kong – arrived bleary off the plane after an overnight flight from India yesterday but today we’re amped and ready to go!!! When do you head back over here?

      • Oh wow, you guys are already there? Awesome! Bet there are lots of stories you both have of India, but of course you’ve got to get settled first! I won’t be there till mid December myself, too much work happening at the movement and my poor little blog is (temporarily) on hold whilst I get those deadlines finished before I head overseas. Will be in touch via email before I head off.

        Enjoy Hong Kong!!!

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