The reclaimed days of summer

Last post we provided you all with the results of hours and hours of wholesome fun drawing our recollections of the summer holiday, after having lost our camera.  The response was overwhelming – people were so complimentary about our ‘artwork’ and so heartfelt in sharing our sadness at losing so many wonderful, irreplaceable pictures.  We can’t thank you all enough for your comments and love.

While we thoroughly enjoyed creating the last blog, it was extremely time consuming so we made the decision to go to Busan on the weekend and investigate purchasing a new camera.  The point-and-shoot had been fabulous to us and allowed us to capture thousands of beautiful images over the years but even before the loss we had been planning to celebrate Dan’s upcoming 30th birthday with the purchase of a new DSLR.  H-J had been saving furiously and donations from parents were being thrown into the pot, all with the intention of getting Dan a fabulous game-changing camera.

The process, however, was sped along somewhat by the sudden circumstance of us having no camera at all.  Having a fair idea of what we wanted in terms of a DSLR we attacked the city camera shops with vigour, initially on a pricing mission…but it turned into a buying mission.  We are now the proud owners of a gorgeous new semi-pro Canon EOS 60D!

However, not every occasion calls for pulling out the big guns so we opted to grab a new point-and-shoot for those times when you just want something you can throw in your pocket and not muck around with.  So we are also the proud owners of a groovy little Nikon Cool Pix.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, out of the blue this morning a random comment popped up on our blog from a guy called Ben, saying that he had our lost camera…At first, we were sceptical but a quick fire of emails led to a post that he had made on (a community for foreigners in Korea) where he was valiantly trying to track down the owners of a camera found in a taxi in Mokpo!  A smiling photo of ourselves beamed back at us…and a phone call later, Ben had our address and is sending our camera back to us, where it belongs.

In case you’re wondering, Ben googled “lost camera in Mokpo” and stumbled across our blog.  The power of the internet eh?!

It turns out the taxi driver couldn’t be bothered/didn’t want to deal with the hassle of taking the camera to the local Police Station or Information Centre so instead thrust it at the next foreigner that happened to get into his car.  And we were lucky enough that it ended up in Ben’s hands.  There are some insanely awesome people in this world and Ben, you know we’re buying a beer next time we’re in Mokpo.  We can’t thank you enough.

Special thanks also must go to fellow blogger, and now firm friend, Cindy Kim (, who not only shared in our sadness and laughed at our antics but who also offered to send us her old Nikon camera!!!  Cindy, if ever we’re in the same country, you will be presented with your body weight in bacon.  We know the way to your heart…

Thanks also go to our parents who have showered us not only with love, shelter and housing over the years but who also contributed to our new purchases.  Happy birthday to us and many thank you(s) to you(se), in our very best Kiwi accents.

And thanks to the guy who invented Google.  Very helpful!

In the space of a week we have gone from having no camera to now owning three cameras, from grief at having lost our photos to joy at the prospect of reclaiming those lost memories and have added a new friend or two along the way.


and now!!!

Oh and now we get to bombard you with reclaimed photos of those Lost Days of Summer.  Stay tuned and thanks again to everyone who read, commented, shared and helped us.  Waterfallsandcaribous Lives!

And yes, we’ll still throw the occasional hand drawn picture in for good measure.

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  1. so, so, excited to hear the rest of the story…a happy ending, yeah and yeah!!!!!

  2. nice ploy to get an arsenal of cameras guys!

  3. lovely!!! I’m looking forward to seeing your new photos!

  4. Wow!! Amazing story!! We heart google!!;-)

  5. That is beyond awesome!! Ben rocks!!! How very cool 🙂

  6. Oh my Giddy Aunt! That’s so AWESOME!! I am in love with honest people! I am so happy for you guys – the camera was replaceable but your photos weren’t so yay Ben! A big PHEW for you! Luvoo xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Not many places in the world where you could expect to get something like that back…Korea is a very honest country and we’re lucky that the expats living here are just as honest. And yes, photos aren’t replaceable so we’re super, super stoked to have them back. Stay tuned to see some of them soon!!!

  7. all’s well that ends well!

  8. Woooot there’s so much awesome all wrapped up in this post! The universe works in strange and wondrous ways. Of all the people in Mokpo, it ended up being a super human being named Ben. But then again, I believe that good things happen to good people, and you two are really really good people 🙂 so sweet of you for the shoutout, thank you!!! The offer never expires just in case you want to create a camera army someday hehe. Just so you know, my weight in bacon is a LOT of bacon.. Like, soo much. Lol but you do know the way to my heart. Congrats on your beautiful new Canon and I look forward to seeing the photos from your trip! Ps. I have warm and fuzzies knowing that I’m a firm friend 🙂

    • Its crazy how the links all just add sometimes to making cool shit happen! We’re are pretty stoked with how things turned out on a number of levels 🙂 And we’re looking forward to future bacon-eating date sometime in the future when our paths collide!

  9. I am supremely delighted that the universe, and the people within, has come through for you guys. You deserve all the good fortune that comes your way. Love you guys xo

    • Awww honey, thanks so much! Dan kept mentioning the fact he’d found someone’s smartphone in a taxi weeks earlier and had handed it in – so was hoping that the universe might smile upon us in return. And so it seems it did 🙂 Miss you! xxx

  10. Glad you got your camera back. I’d possibly die if I lost mine. Story helps to maintain faith in humanity.

  11. YAY YAY YAY!!!! Bring on the bombardment!!

  12. So glad your camera has come home to you! I know how devestating it would be if you had lost those pictures forever. But alas life (networking) works in mysterious ways and it’s so wonderful to know there is hope for humanity in this big ugly world. Looking forward to seeing those pics of your awesome trip some day. You should reblog your last post but with your photos instead but keep the original, of course. Just so people can compare what you drew to what you captured on your camera. Until the next post…keep up the great work : )

  13. How lucky! Something similar happened to my friend in London– she lost her camera in a park, and over an hour later we happened to check in a coffee shop near the park and they had it! We were so amazed it hadn’t been stolen.

  14. Wow, I seem to have missed some of the more important movements happening in your lives. No camera, three camera’s, when the universe delivers…it delivers big!!! Love those drawings and seriously looking forward to seeing the power behind your new toy! 🙂

  15. Such a great story — I love the creativity of the drawn pictures, but am so happy you got the camera back! I lost my camera one year after my birthday (I had a roarin’ 20s theme and everyone was dressed up). No one else took any pictures because I am known for always taking a ton. It still makes me sad to think about, but found camera stories always make me happy. =)

  16. Awww…that’s such a beautiful story, but, I was beginning to love your drawings 😔 they reminded me of south park! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Yay! I’m catching up on all your posts at work today, so I’m a little behind times…. 😀 I’m so glad you got new cameras AND old cameras!

  18. What a great story and I loved your photos! Thank you for sharing!!!!

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