Room 705 – A Momentous Occasion

The idea of a bucket-list has become almost nauseatingly over-used in the years following the release of the movie with the same name…apologies to those who trawl many blogs and are sick to death (and perhaps even avoid!) the numerous posts that begin with those two oft-repeated words.

Our views slightly differ on the bucket list concept. H-J is almost ‘too cool’ for the idea of a bucket list. Dan (after having come close to ‘kicking the bucket’) has realised that there are some things in life that just must be done! We both though have had things to achieve in our lives that have been important, whether they have been on a list or not.

We used to have fantasies about running away to the Cayman Islands.  One day, we upped and moved there, fulfilling a bucket-list desire of having our very own Cayman Islands bank accounts…


When we got engaged in the front row of a Nas and Damien Marley concert the list grew to include having a wonderful memorable wedding with live music, fine food and the company of our family and friends… we did it, and it was awesome…


We usually find our coffee in Cuba street in Wellington.  Fulfilling another bullet point on the bucket list had us finding it in Cuba…


Dan got to tick a box when he put on a theatre show “Walking in the Shadows” which he wrote, directed, produced and acted in…


H-J got to travel to Hong Kong and Macau to indulgently eat her way through Michelin-starred restaurants with her friends Brylee and Monique…


But hold up… before this turns into a totally self-indulgent blog skiting about our greatness to the extent that you will stop procrastinating and go back to your work, let’s get back to the point.

Recently we added a tick to one of the boxes on the list.

Having spent Saturday going hard enjoying the sights and sounds of The Big City (Busan) we found ourselves needing somewhere to stay for the night.  As we didn’t have a booking anywhere, we looked to the neon lights of the love motel district as a solution to our accommodation woes.

We wandered through the streets of love, the neon and the glitter, trying to make a decision on our lodging of disrepute for the evening.

After a while of wandering around being very indecisive we found a place that for some reason caught our eye in particular.  Perhaps it was the catchy name.


After paying our won to a faceless person behind a wall, and being given our little pack of toiletries, our key and other undisclosed items, we walked with high expectations down a pink coloured hallway to Room 705.

We opened the door and Dan had a ‘mini tribal’ as we had the realisation of this momentous occasion……

Our room had a round bed…


For those of you who know Dan, you will no doubt be aware that he has felt his life would not be complete until he had had the opportunity to sleep in a round bed.  We had even gone so far as to put in a request for a round bed as part of our honeymoon.  Unfortunately, like many of the details of our honeymoon (like, you know, having a hotel room actually booked!), this did not come to fruition.  Thanks again to STA Travel, Willis Street.

Anyway…here it was, in all its glory, unexpected and all the better for it.  The bucket list could gain another tick and Dan, well Dan was like a kitten with a ball of wool.

While the bed was the definite highlight of the room, the rest of the suite was nothing to be sneered at either!

There was a double office space (for all the computing needs you have when in such an establishment?!)…

A red spa bath, big enough for a family (ew)…

Inspirational poetry decorating the interior….

A very cool basin…

And all this for a casual $100 a night!  Seriously, the value of these places is phenomenal especially when you consider the location (one street back from Korea’s most famous beach, in this case) and the super modern amenities.  At your standard chain hotels, you’ll pay twice the price for far less.  And you certainly don’t get all the “extras”…

So we did it!  We ticked another box off the bucket list and Dan can now die a happy man.

The extra space, the option of star-fishing on the mattress and the whole feel of being a smooth player were all as perfect as Dan had imagined. We have ticked a box and our lives are more fulfilled!

The only question that still remains….

Where do you buy round sheets?

Let’s just marinate on that for a minute.

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  1. Very funny. Almost TMI, almost. 🙂

  2. Good Blog HJ
    Next time we want a wave file of the noises????

  3. Read this while in bed before going to sleep and got a good chuckle out of it! If you ever decided to buy a round bed, we can send you round sheets straight from LA – plenty of places supplying to the porn industry over here!

  4. LOL that’s epic! Didn’t know that a love motel could look so… classy? 😛

  5. Am playing catch up after a week away and I am sitting here chuckling at this post. That folded thing on the bed (blanket?) looks like a giant chunk of french bread! I think staying in a Love Hotel has to go on my list 😉

  6. Haha yes it is the blanket and now that we look again, it does look kinda french bread-esque! Definitely stay in a Love Motel if you get the chance – each one provides such entertainment!

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